Helping Hound Canine Services, Inc.

 Commercial Dog Waste Removal Service - Service with integrity since 1993



How does the process work?  How do we get started?

~  Call us for an appointment.  We'll meet with you for 5 minutes initially to ask a few questions about your community.

~  We then perform an extensive survey of your community.

~  The findings of our survey are then prepared in a comprehensive proposal, outlining your community's specific needs.

Once we begin service at your community, what can you expect?

~  We provide a quarterly service schedule with an attached site map, so you know which areas are being cleaned each week.

~  We perform quality control checks on all our service providers.  These are usually done the same day your community is serviced - after your provider has cleaned property.

~  The needs of your community frequently change.  It is our commitment to stay in contact with you to address any changes within your community.

~  It is our pledge that phone calls or questions about your service are answered promptly, typically the same day.  If we do not return your call within 24 hours, we are likely dead or out of the country!

~  If at any time we need to change your scheduled day of service (mostly due to inclement weather or national holidays), we will always notify you of any changes - via telephone, email, or by letter.

Does Helping Hound Canine Services carry insurance?

~  Yes.  We carryGeneral Liability, Worker's Comp. and Auto - plus we are Compliance Depot, Yardi, and Register Monitoring compliant.